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Denizens of Dread
Stopping to Smell the Flowers and Savor the Horror

    DoD was founded to cater to a specific playstyle--unhurried, cooperative, and communicative.  By default, we avoid rushing and zerging.

    With enough members, we will plan regularly scheduled non-rush/non-zerg raids, getting extra non-guild members to join us from friends lists and LFMs.  With a larger membership, the guild will be composed of many active independent, anti-rush characters that can join together for things like end-game questing, loot-runs, and high-level guild raids.  All of this done with companions who communicate, coordinate, and work together for mutual enjoyment and gain.

    Guild Rules

(1)  Unity
  • We don't enter quests without every party member present, unless those absent say to go ahead without them.  We generally wait at the entrance for everyone to enjoy the entire quest together.
  • We don't rush ahead through a quest/raid when others are far behind and need to catch up, unless it's a quest with a time limit or we are farming or doing a favor run.
(2)  Consensus
  • If we're in a party with a guild member and we post an LFM for additional party members, we write "Sticking Together. No Rushing. No Zerging," or some variation of that in the Comment Box, unless our fellow guild members agree to letting potential rushers/zergers join.
  • We also keep the party's highest character level within agreed upon XP penalty limits.
  • We try to go for optional objectives, chests, and XP bonuses, unless most of the party votes not to do so.
(3)  Communication
  • We listen to voice chat and also pay attention to the party text chat window.
  • We tell other party members, in text, in the party window when we are going afk and getting back.
  • We don't suddenly, silently drop from a group without telling the other party members why we are leaving.
(4)  Etiquette
  • We like to share well-intentioned advice and helpfulness as opposed to elitism, condescension, and snobbery.
  • We realize that a game is a game and we relax about others making a mistake or two.  We don't lose our tempers over some human errors.
  • We deal with most individual differences/disagreements directly over tells rather than through public arguments.
(5)  Diversity
  • We create a positive environment for players of all backgrounds.  So, we strive to make everyone feel comfortable regardless of social class, race/ethnicity/nationality, sex/gender, sexual orientation/sexual identity, age, disability, or size/weight.
  • We particularly avoid using words/terms that can make people uncomfortable based on any of those backgrounds.
(6)  Generosity
  • When looting chests, we are entitled to our own loot and further entitled to give it to whomever we choose (e.g. an alt, a guild member, or a non-guild friend).  Some chest items "bind to character" or "bind to account" on acquire, so if we already have the item, or it's not suitable for our class, we may choose to give the item to someone else in the party by putting it up for a roll.
(7)  Visibility
  • The characters in our guild are visible on MyDDO.  Before joining, we make them visible by following a few steps.
There are no members of this guild with officer access or higher.
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